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Services and prices

The overwhelming majority of our clients, ordering creation of a site are hosted on our server, having a wide unloaded Web-channel (10 Mb). We will enable high speed access to your resource. We also deploy servers on our platform. Our prices are affordable.

Hosting prices (value-added tax is not included):

Virtual Hosting
Budget plan (10 Mb, ftp, 3 e-mail) $250 per year
Standard plan (20 Mb, ftp, 5 e-mail) $300 per year
Elite plan (100 Mb, ftp, 10 e-mail) $400 per year
Physical Hosting (Co-location)
Allocation of your computer on a 10 Mbps connection (2 Gb of total traffic* is included) $150 per month + $0.05/1Mb of total traffic*
Domain registration
Creating a virtual server $30
Additional virtual server maintenance (without providing disk space) $5 per month
Domain registration and prolonging in the .RU zone $40 per year
Domain registration and prolonging in the .COM zone $40 per year
DNS support $5 per year
Sub-domain registration in the CORP.RU zone for free!
   * - total traffic is calculated as (incoming traffic + outgoing traffic)/2

This page enables you to send a query to find out how busy is the address you are interested in.

Indicate the name of the site you are interested in the query form using the following patterns:,,, or and press the button "Search" (for instance: )
If you have any questions don't hesitate to phone us: 105-0517
or to write us
If it is necessary we will send one of our managers to your office.

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